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Have you heard scratching noises or noticed an unusual smell? Then you may have mice in your property. Mice are usually nocturnal and can remain hidden for a long time before you even begin to suspect a problem. They use their flexible skeleton to squeeze into the tiniest of spaces, about the size of a pencil. If you find signs of mouse activity, our certified technicians are able to offer a safe and effective treatment to resolve the issue.

Our pest control technicians understand the habits of mice and have a range of techniques to eliminate infestations in your home or business. We offer a callout service and will usually be able to attend on the very same day. Our fast and efficient service will ensure the health risks associated with mice are kept to a minimum.

The presence of mice in your home or business can be catastrophic to the building structure and your reputation. They pose a great health risk particularly in kitchens or where children might play. Mice are one of the most prolific pests in the UK. It is estimated that if two mice were left with a food source for twelve months, their population would grow to 2000. They can contaminate food with their droppings, fur and urine and are known to spread disease as they search for food and shelter. They are responsible for the spread of toxoplasmosis, salmonella and typhus to name a few.

Like all rodents, mice need to gnaw to prevent their teeth from growing too large. Gnawing on electrical cables can cause a serious fire risk. Water and gas pipes are also popular gnawing materials and this can cause flooding and gas leaks.

The most common signs of a mouse infestation are finding little black droppings, chewed bin bags or food packaging. You may hear scuttling or even see the mice themselves. If you have noticed any of these signs there is no need to worry. An infestation of mice is a common problem that can be solved quickly and safely.

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